Tsukuba Saxophone Quartet in World Saxophone Congress 2012

Tsukuba Saxophone Quartet's major purpose of performance in World Saxophone Congress is the presentation of Yasuhide Ito's saxophone works. He is well-known Japanese composer and especially known in wind-orchestral and chamber music. We will perform his works written/arranged for saxophones.

Yasuhide Ito - Ryukuan Fantasy
J.S.Bach/Yasuhide Ito - Chaconne (from Violin Partita No.2)

Our performance is July-13th 18:30 at St.Leonards Auditorium. I bought some copies of these 2 works from "Ito Music (Publisher of Yasuhide Ito's music)". After our performance and if you like and want to perform these works, I will present them to you! Please talk to me after our stage.

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