Saxophonits in St.Andrews

Yesterday, we arrived at St.Andrews. So many saxophonits are joining the World Saxophone Congress. I enjoyed stages by Claude Delangle (Iki-no-Michi by Ichiro Nodaira premiered in U.K.) and concerto concert of RNCM with C.Randall.

The concerto concert was fantastic! Great soloists and great works. Especially we are glad to listening "Dance of Uzume" played be Kohei Ueno...we were excited so much.

Today, already we had breakfast. After light practicing, I will go the venues.


Our (Tsukuba Saxophone Quartet) stage is tomorrow. July-13th 18:00 at St.Leonards Auditorium. We will perform "Ryukuan Fantasy" by Yasuhide Ito and Johann Sebastian Bach's "Chaconne" arranged by Yasuhide Ito. I have some copies of these musics. If you like them, please talk to me after our stage. I will present them to you!!

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